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Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Josh is native to Northern Virginia residing here for over 30 years. As a professional in the car business for 6 years and counting Josh is here to help you find that car, truck or SUV you've been wanting without the shenanigans people dislike about shopping for a vehicle. Being a licensed salesperson in the state of Virginia I can help you get your wheels no matter what your creditworthiness is and wherever you are!


I would like you to think of me as your AUTO ADVISOR for one reason and one reason only, because I am here to give you the knowledge & proper guidance to better help you fulfill your needs to make a buying decision. Once you made your decision the vehicle will sell itself, just think of my advice as the angel on your shoulder.

I believe in this day an age the only solid way to a happy customer is some great advice! That extra encouragement that makes the customer decide for themselves, instead of being pushed onto a vehicle.



I have years of experience in the Auto Industry and have a strong following of happy customers due to the fact that I keep a B.S. FREE environment. I have one rule you don’t be JOSHING me and I don’t be JOSHING you! It’s very simple actually, if you just come straight forward with me than it gives me the ability to be of better service to you & make you happy.  


Why Choose me?

  • I have the experience, tools, & professionalism needed when  purchasing a vehicle

  • I work with partnered dealership, which I have access to Pre-Owned inventory on hand daily

  • I also offer credit rebuilding programs through my partnered dealership, so if you think you can’t get a vehicle because of BAD CREDIT think again...that’s my expertise



 What’s my specialties?

  • Credit rehabilitation programs through my partnered dealership's financing

  • Pre-Owned vehicles

  • Vast knowledge of used cars 

  • Extensive knowledge about the Automotive Industry as a whole


What can I offer you?

  • Over 50 vehicles with my partnered dealership to choose from

  • A No Joshing Around free environment, let’s both keep the B.S. at home

  • The BEST car buying experience you can possibly have

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


Check my partnered dealership's inventory by clicking the "Inventory" tab & for those who have challenging credit in search of a vehicle (DO NOT FEAR) just call Josh, so he can get you into your vehicle today and drive away happy!


Proudly serving Leesburg, VA, Northern Virginia or the DC Metro area, Charlestown WV, & Martinsburg, WV.


I'd be happy to show you the vehicles in person.



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